The 2018 Skagit River Poetry Festival poster artist is Alfred Currier. The cover art for the festival’s student anthology is by Anne Schreivogl. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit their home and studio. -Jessica Gigot, SRPF Board Member

Photo Credit: Gary Brown

I made my way over to a residential neighborhood in Anacortes on what felt like a typical winter, Skagit afternoon. Rainy and grey. However, as Alfred and Anne welcomed me into their home I was greeted by an extraordinary array of vibrant colors and images, as well as a calming sense of light and space.

Their walls were decorated in a rotating selection of their work as well as select pieces by artists they admire. They have a collection of about fifty paintings by other artists. Adjacent to their home, across a convivial courtyard, they have a shared studio space which serves as their primary workspace. Alfred and Anne each have their own separate studios, joined by a hallway that features their upcoming events and future shows.

While they agree it is beneficial to have both a champion and a critic next door, they also appreciate the freedom to disappear into their own work on their own time. The closeness of the studio to their residence is convenient and encourages a daily work schedule. Their thoughtfully designed home and studio, which they co-created, speaks volumes to their collaborative power.